4 Safety Tips For All Escorts Out There

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There are several things for you to keep in mind if you are working as an escort. You must never forget to put yourself first. You might have several other things to focus on like your image and the satisfaction of the clients who you work for. You must always maintain a working relationship. Here are some tips on safety for you to think about:
Separate your personal life
You must try your best to protect your personal and professional life. You can try working with private girls in Sydney clients with a fake name as your real name can give them access to who you really are. If you want to invite them home make sure that you do know them and that they are trustworthy. You can try meeting them a couple of times at a hotel or even a public place too. You might be a high class escort with many clients at your disposal but you will not like it if your neighbors figure out what you are really doing. If you are advertising yourself you must try your best to keep your face, any tattoos and birthmarks out of the photos too.
Be ready emotionally
You must keep in mind that this job isn’t for everyone.  You must not form any emotional bonds with anyone because you know that you are being paid to be professional. It is not a way for you to find someone to settle down with. All social companions want reliable clients who know how to behave and who do not get too attached to them physically or emotionally. You must try your best to keep your interactions formal so that you do not end up crossing or blurring the line in between you and your client.
Always get paid first
It is important that you do get paid. You must request for the cash upfront once the appointment is made so that you know you will not get ripped out. You must keep in mind that becoming a high class escort http://platinumx.com.au/ can be stressful. You must make it a point to take some cash with you when you go to meet these clients but remember to never take your passport or identification card with you as your identity can be noticed by the client.
Protect yourself from physical abuse
It is crucial that you do protect yourself from any physical abuse or trauma. If you conduct most of your business online you are at risk of being raped or threatened in real life too. You must try your best to protect yourself if you feel that you are risk with the client you have chosen too. You can carry some pepper spray for protection!
Remember to always disclose how much you make to your tax man else you might get in trouble. You must always have a plan for all the issues you might face unless you want your escorting job to be a short lived career!