Some Intimate Gifts For Your Newly Wedded Wife

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Wedding is a beautiful event, initiating a beautiful life for the couple for the days to come. Both take oath to stay beside each other for the rest of their life. Alike the wedding, the first wedding night stays very fresh and memorable to the duo. However, you can make the first wedding night more rejuvenating and exciting, but for that you need to do/ buy something extraordinary. Let’s directly focus on what you can do or buy on the special day to make the bride feel special!

A love letter to your life-partner

In recent times the beauty of love letter has disappeared behind the shadow of technological inventions. Nowadays, couple does not know how special love letters were used to be during the 90s. If you want to bring that warmth in your relationship, then write a beautiful love letter for your newly wedded wife. Share how precious she is in your life or mention how you would like to take the relationship forward. Making this approach on the very first night of your wedding will surely make it glamorous and thrilling.

Adult sex toys for her

To make the night more charming, you can plan to buy adult sex toys for her. You can order vibrators online in Australia as well as offline and get these ready for the special day.

However, there are personalised choices, while buying adult sex toys. You can also buy dildos and other sex toys. These types of toys and products are available in online stores. By searching sex machines online you can be able to explore a whole new range of fascinating sex toys. Such gifts can narrow down the gap between you and your wife and make the night pleasurable.

A scrap book of your memories

Couple on the very first day on the wedding night unveils their life secrets to each other. You can also start this way and share all your memories to her. Also, listen to her memories very patiently and try to capture it within your scrapbook. After a few years when you wish to recollect the memories, this scrap book will help you to re-construct your old memories!

Lingerie for her

Well, it’s not the craziest thing you are going to do! Presenting sexy lingerie on the first wedding night is considered as a gorgeous gift! Why not try it?

Precious jewelleries

Though it is a common gift, yet presenting jewellery on the first night makes it quite different. Women have deep passion and love for jewelleries and thus presenting such gifts on the special night won’t be a bad idea at all!

You can also get some gift baskets for her or a wine basket and share the wine on the special night. Decorate the hotel room or your bed room with candles, perfumers, wine bottle and create a mesmerising ambience for the special night!