What A Hens Night Should Have

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How many times do you get a chance to help one of your friends celebrate her last few days as a single woman? For too long society has emphasized the stags night that men get to throw for each other while downplaying the hens night. Not anymore, now you have a chance to throw a party you and your friends will all remember, partying it up with the best of them. Of course different people have different ideas of what the ideal party is and part of throwing a hens night is figuring out the type of party that’s best for your group. But whatever your group may look like there are a few things that go a long ways towards making a hens night truly special.

Lets start things off by getting one thing out of the way, everyone should consider male strippers for their hens night. Even if you’re the type of girl who’d never go see a bunch of naked men dancing usually a hens night is an average day, it’s a chance to do things you wouldn’t otherwise. Taking a trip to a local strip club one of the male strippers in Melbourne to come visit you is practically mandatory if you want the true hens night experience.

Whether you decide to hire a stripper or not another question you need to ask is where you’re going to be partying. Every event needs a suitable venue and your choice should depend on the budget you have and the type of party you’re throwing. For example, if you want topless waiters then you probably aren’t going to be able to bring your party to many restaurants that pride themselves as being “family friendly.” As you look at the price of renting different venues you should also think about the cost of alcohol, some places will lure you with low cover charges and then limit you to extremely expensive drinks.

If you are planning on taking your party out of your own home or apartment and out on the town then you should think about how you and the rest of the party will be getting around. While you could take public transit or drive separately why not consider hiring something a little special? It’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, having a limo driver take you and your friends to the club so you can step out like celebrities will make a great night even more memorable. Transportation is especially important to think about if you are planning on having lots of alcohol at the party, you don’t want to put anyone at risk because you didn’t have a ride arranged.

There really isn’t a wrong or right way for party the hens night packages in Melbourne is for all , but lets be honest, a party with strippers is going to be a little more memorable than one without them. Whatever you want for your party just make sure to line up all the elements ahead of time. You don’t want to forget about things like alcohol so you and your friends overpay for drinks and end up stranded without a designated driver or ride lined up. Taking the time to think things through in advance will ensure that you can actually enjoy the party you’re throwing, on the night of the party and for years to come as you look back on the occasion.