What The Strip Club Wants You To Know?

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It might be the strip you always visit, or it may be the new establishment that recently opened. Regardless of whether you have visited a strip club before or not, there are often things that strippers won’t tell you, but still wished you knew. Below are some of the main tips that you better keep in mind when visiting a strip club the next time:

  • Do not bring your partner if he or she does not want to be there – there is always that partner that comes with an enthusiastic patron. It is usually a girlfriend, but it can also be a boyfriend. They have their arms crossed with a sour expression as they uncomfortably try to avoid eye contact with any of the topless waitress Perth or strippers. Eventually, even the enthusiastic patron catches on to the mood of their partner and starts shifting their feet uncomfortably, and the entertainers try their best to avoid them. Do not bring your partner if they are averse to the idea: do not say it is a surprise and bring them unannounced. Instead, do yourself, your partner and the establishment a favour and ask them before bringing them.
  • Avoid clothing that has hooks, chains or embellishments – female strippers strip down to basically nothing, and if they give you lap dances, the most basic courtesy you can provide them with is avoiding any clothing that may scratch or injure them. Hooks, chains or any other rough textures can easily harm them, but at times, strippers may ignore the pain to give you a good service. Try to be attentive, and avoid such clothing if you want a lap dance; otherwise, be kind enough to turn down such favours.
  • Be upfront – when it comes to strip clubs, there is an assortment of services, and the girls there are basically a fantasy of your ideal girlfriend. However, you should not mistake their services as anything meant expressly for you: the girls are doing a respectable profession for a salary, and you should be able to say no to any service when they ask you – just as you would do with any other professional. You should not worry about hurting their feelings; a simple ‘no, thank you’ is enough to communicate the message without being rude.
  • Know your manners – finally, the biggest point any club and stripper would want you to know is to never forget that the entertainers are also respectable human beings like you are. They may be sex workers, but this does not change the fact that they are humans, and that they are working to sustain their lives and families. Be respectful when talking to them, and avoid trying to find out their phone numbers, real names – any invasion of privacy is unwarranted, and poor manners. See this post to find out more details.

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