Why Some Escorts Make It Big And Others Don’t

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The profession of being a well-experienced escort has been around for many years and today it is still helping those in the trade live good if not luxurious lives. You may be shocked to know the number of people who make use of escort services. Some of them are high profile personalities and well respected people in the society. That is just to tell you that being an escort is not as bad.

Many men and women are now involved in the trade but some are making it big while others are still trying to find their feet. Note however that when you talk of those that are still trying to find their feet we are talking of girls who are still managing to earn more than the person behind a computer in an air conditioned office. If you have ever wondered what the difference between you and those escorts who make a lot of money, read on to find out.


There are girls who will be ashamed of asking a man for even $200. These are the ones who always sit back and wonder why they are not making it big. Those that make it big ask what they want without blinking. They are ready to state their high charges and a client has to take it all leave. These escorts are sure of themselves and what they can offer so they don’t need any person telling them how unworthy they are by offering peanuts. Confidence is what gets them through.


Experience here may not mean that they are better in bed or better at handling men. It only refers to the fact that they have learnt certain secrets with time. These escorts have learnt that it is not always easy when you are just starting out. People will second guess you and may even try to make you feel worthless. However, those who are still there have learnt to stand their grounds and in so doing learn how to become more confident.


A beautiful face is an added bonus but that is not what being an escort is all about. when you decide to be an escort for someone, the first thing they may see is the pretty face but as the night goes on, they will be checking out your personality. No matter how hard you try to hide it, it will show in the way you talk and interact with others. Therefore if your personality is not yet at the top, you should try ad work on improving it.

The agency

Sometimes the agency you choose to register with may be the problem. Some will be unscrupulous charging cutthroat prices while others may have lost their reputation and so clients are not forth coming. If you discover that your agency is not doing enough to showcase you, you can move to another agency.